Mount Welcomes New Provost

The Mount is excited to welcome Dr. Boyd C. Creasman as its new provost. Creasman comes to us from West Virginia Wesleyan University, where he served many roles including an English faculty member, positions including the provost and their interim president. Commenting on his new position, Creasman said that, “I am blessed to be here and to have been chosen for this position.”

After looking for a place that values serving others and making a true difference in the world, Creasman applied for the provost position hoping to also be closer to his grandchildren in Maryland.

Creasman noted that our curriculum and student life programs struck him because of the active role they play in the lives of the students. “The living mission is greatly important to me and that is what sets us apart,” noted Creasman. The mission plays into the family feel he is excited to live and work amidst on campus.

Creasman started on Jan. 10, but was able to come to campus a week prior to get his feet wet on campus before meeting the Board of Trustees and beginning his work. He had the pleasure of sitting on several faculty searches and meetings before starting, but also noted he still has a lot to learn and is excited to get to know the institution.

Through his work, Creasman hopes to really set the Mount apart in order to attract more students on campus. There are so many wonderful things that set us apart that Creasman would like to highlight for prospective students and parents.

In his free time, Creasman enjoys playing guitar in a band he and several friends created in West Virginia. He also mentioned something about his grandchildren beginning to teach him a thing or two about video games. If you see Creasman on campus give him a warm Mount welcome and some video game advice if you have any!

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