Country Music Take Over: Honey County Live

On Jan. 20, Mount St. Mary’s University AMP hosted a country concert in Cardinal Keeler. Two fantastic singing acts, Lyndsey Saunders and Honey County were featured and had the crowd putting their hands together all night long. An excited line of attendees eagerly waited to go inside, forming a line around 9:40 p.m. right outside. The concert was supposed to begin at 10 p.m., but ended up starting around 10:30 p.m. The wait was well worth it!


Mount St. Mary’s very own Lyndsey Saunders was the first act to open up the night. Saunders had the crowds undivided attention while she sang three different covers of a variety of songs. Her choice in songs allowed for there to never be a dull moment in the room. She first sang a cover of “Helplessly” by Tatiana Manaois. To follow, she angelically sang “Hallelujah.” Saunders concluded with a throwback by Akon called “Don’t Matter.” Her spectacular performance was the perfect way to open up for Honey County.


Honey County is a trio of ladies from Los Angeles, California. They took the stage and featured a handful of their songs and also covered a variety of popular country songs. In 2017, Honey County was named by Rolling Stone as one of the “10 New Artists You Need To Know” and one of the “26 Best Things We Saw at CMA Fest.” Honey County is working their way up to the top in the country music world!


The lead singer, Rose, is a Virginia native who moved to Los Angeles in 2010. There she met the rest of her band, Devon and Katie. Devon and Katie are originally from California and made a note of expressing their curiosity for how the weather was going to be while they visited the Mount. Katie wondered if the whole East coast was going to be frozen during their visit.


The band started off with one of their hits and impressed the audience with their talented voices. Two of the crowd’s favorite songs were “Los Angeles” and their most recently released song “Love Someone.” One person in the crowd even said, “their voices are so beautiful its giving me goosebumps.”


The trio put a fun spin on the night by featuring some covers of other popular country songs such as “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift and “Landslide” by the Dixie Chicks. By the end of the show, Honey County had the whole audience on their feet dancing. There was no better way to start the Spring semester off than by hosting a country concert on campus!

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