Career Center Restructure

As of Jan. 16, the Mount St. Mary’s University Career Center now operates under the Office of the Provost to offer more opportunities for students to get involved and build relationships with future employers early on in their academic careers.

In previous years, the Career Center had been operating under the Office of Student Affairs. This shift to management under the Provost will allow the Career Center team to work more closely with Mount faculty and give them the chance to integrate employment opportunities and experiences into the classroom effortlessly.

When asked about this realignment, the Director of the Career Center, Clare Tauriello, mentioned, “Employers want to be in the classroom. This new structure puts us in a place to plan employer meetings within the classroom and give students the opportunity to learn more about the working world. Faculty can work with the Provost Office and the Career Center to plan these meetings and keep our employer connections involved in our students lives.”

Although this shift will benefit student opportunities to build relationships with employers, students may not notice a distinct change in Career Center services. The Career Center will remain located on the second floor of the McGowan Student Center, Suite 240. Along with this, the Career Center will remain in communication with Student Affairs to ensure they can offer career counseling to all students in need.

“We love Student Affairs, and still plan to have a great relationship with them to provide all students with the help they need when looking for what’s next,” said Tauriello. Career services will remain the same and students should be aware that the Career Center team is available to offer resources and references to all when searching and applying for an internship, apprenticeship or employment opportunity.

The main goal of this restructure will be to further the development of relationships between students and employers in an academic setting. However, this should not be expected to happen overnight. Tauriello explained, “We [the Career Center Team] are always trying to create strong professional relationships to connect students to employers.”

President Timothy Trainor set this realignment into place after his inauguration last fall. Trainor, the Career Center team and a team of selected university leaders met in a subcommittee to determine that the best way to build student and employer relationships is by offering employers more exposure on campus. The Career Center’s move under the Provost will further connect faculty with employers.

Tauriello expanded on the benefits of this connection, “Students will probably not notice this change, but now we can coordinate with faculty directly to bring employers into a classroom to talk to a selected group of students, all interested in the same field.” By bringing employers into classrooms as guest speakers, students can easily gain information about employment options in their field of study while expanding their professional network. Along with this, faculty can offer the Career Center more employer connections through their own professional network, which in turn will benefit our universities employer relations.

This semester will feature a variety of opportunities for students to build relationships with employers and expand their professional network through the Mount Career Center connections. To learn more information about the organizational change to the Career Center under the Office of the Provost or to see a schedule of upcoming events, please visit or schedule an appointment with the Career Center team at

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