Breakfast Out of Bed: New SGA Hosts Meet & Greet

On Jan. 25, the Mount held a special late nite breakfast buffet in Patriot Hall for all students to get a delicious meal and learn more about SGA. Everyone was encouraged to show up in fun pajamas and enjoy a delicious meal. Whether it was just wandering in after a long study session or needing some refreshments after attending the men’s homecoming basketball game, plenty of people came by to join in on the fun.

Before the fun began, groups of students gathered around the televisions in Patriot Hall, carefully watching the game and showing their support for the Mount’s student athletes. For those who did not watch the athletes, others gathered around the massive DJ stage to listen and dance to the music that was blasting throughout the room. As for those who had been involved in the planning for the event, they set up various booths and tables for everyone. They included games, free items and information about the programs and different departments of the university.

At 11 p.m., it was time for the excitement to begin. Trays of different delicious breakfast items were set out for everyone to enjoy. One by one, everyone lined up for pancakes, sausage patties, bacon, eggs, coffee and orange juice. With plates full of food, everyone got comfortable at their tables and started mingling while they enjoyed their meals.

Not only did students get to enjoy the company of one another, but members of SGA got to join in as well. Every member of SGA went around Patriot Hall and went up to various students to talk about the Mount Community. It started with the formalities with names, years and majors, but it progressed into a conversation about what made the Mount so special and what could be done to improve the quality of such a fantastic university. Many students gave their views during the meal and SGA was more than happy to listen.

While the event started off with only a couple dozen students, those who had been in the stands or on the court of the basketball game came in later on to join in on the fun. Many of them were still dressed in festive outfits with the Mount colors as they made their way to the breakfast lines. With everyone together, it felt like a real celebration of the Mount Community and the homecoming.

If anyone wishes to learn more about SGA and the other Mount programs that were mentioned at the breakfast event, they can go by the offices in lower McGowan.

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