A Letter From AMP

By: AMP Leaders

Fellow Mount Students,

Over the last several months you may have noticed a change in the way we (AMP) have presented our on-campus events and where they have been located. You may have also noticed some changes to our spring programming schedule and we wanted to give you a brief update on what is happening.  As some of you may have undoubtedly heard, a recent visit from the Fire Marshal in the fall has placed new limits on occupancy for events in a variety of locations on campus.  The bad news in the short term is that many of the venues that you have become accustomed to going to that generate large crowds are no longer viable options for us to program in (Club 1808, Memorial Gym, and even the Café for some higher turnout things).

Obviously we and the university want you to be safe first and foremost at all our events.  With that in mind, along with our commitment to providing students with dynamic and engaging on-campus events, we dug deep in the second half of the fall semester and will do so again this spring.  We are working hard to be creative, stretch our resources, and work with campus partners to give you everything we can and that you deserve.  What this means in practical terms is that you will: 1) see more events in places like the Cardinal Keeler, Patriot Hall, Knott Auditorium, etc., and 2) there will have to be some changes and/or reductions to things you are used to.  One of the most notable changes will unfortunately necessitate rAMPage Weekend looking different this year.  While we will still be offering a pumped up end of the year concert along with an extended day full of activities, the annual end of year event known as Glowrage will not be able to happen.  We are just as bummed about it as you are!  Rest assured that we will be adding additional resources into our other events throughout the spring to try and make up for these changes to your regularly scheduled programming.  

On a positive note, the University understands the impact of the significant loss of programming space and as a result, is currently developing plans for a new Multi-purpose student programming facility. This new space is directly linked to the Mount’s Strategic Objective 8.1.1 “Identify and develop more informal collaboration spaces for students that support both academic and co-curricular activities during the day and after hours”. The exact timeline, location, and size of the space is still in the works however, it is one of the top priorities listed in the new strategic plan already underway for this year.  

We know this is not the best news; however, we are confident that we have planned an amazing semester nonetheless and we are excited about the long term opportunity to develop a brand new space on campus with specifically you in mind!    

Activities Management Program (AMP)

(Alicia Abimbola, Abby Appel, Kike Ayorinde, Sam Boyd, Anthony Evans, Moira Frederickson, Kaelin Gordy, Sandra Granados, Jordan Hunt, Jonathon Johnson, Rachael Mattio, Richard Medina, Ana Pena-Molina, Fab Solorzano, Kat Timmons, Elisa Torres, Lizzy Trocchi, and Kyrston Wilson)


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