Strategic Planning Update

Dr. Jeffery Simmons led a town hall meeting on Nov. 30 about the implementation of the new strategic plan for Mount St. Mary’s University. This plan, effective 2018 to 2023, was approved by the Board of Trustees on Oct. 16, 2017 and holds a vision of creating the Mount as the number one university in its region. Also approved by the plan was a new mission statement.

The meeting focused on the short-term goals of the strategic plan with 16 objectives that were chosen for this year. Among these goals include improving graduation rates, brand development, integrating leadership and eliminating sexual harassment. The rest of December would be spent preparing the 16 objectives with implementation beginning in the new year.

Preparing the objectives involves prioritizing the top 50 discrete actions derived from the objectives and assigning accountables, leads and contributors to these actions. A project plan of action and milestones (POAM) would be developed for each of the actions. Simmons talked about how the new Smartsheet software available to Mount faculty could streamline the POAM development.

In addition to the development of new objectives, comprehensive effectiveness reviews would take place in each of the university departments. These reviews would look at current objectives in place and keep or modify any objectives to align with the strategic plan.

Wayne Green the vice president and chief of staff concluded the meeting speaking about how this strategic plan would positively affect the Mount students.  He said a human resource representative of a company that had hired Mounties had visited the Mount looking for more opportunities to hire students.

“‘The Mount student is more respectful,’” Green quoted the representative, “‘they have a broader view, they don’t give us the cookie cutter answer they give us a solution based answer.’”  Under the leadership of a strong new president with a new strategic plan, the Mount truly has the potential to live up to its vision of being the leading university in our region.


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