OSJ, Frederick Rescue Mission Host Hunger Walk

The Office of Social Justice led the Walk to End Hunger across Mount St. Mary’s campus on Nov. 16, concluding Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Members of the Frederick Rescue Mission were also present.

The walk started at Bradley Hall where students began gathering at 3 p.m. Some students also held signs that read “Walk for the Homeless” and “Walk Strong.” Junior Kiyan Sheraz thanked everyone for coming out to support the walk and the efforts of the Office of Social Justice and the Frederick Rescue Mission, then introduced Mike Greenberg of the rescue mission. Greenberg, who is the Fundraising and Events Specialist, spoke to the crowd of students about the daily struggles the hungry and homeless face. He talked about the different ways the rescue mission helps these people by providing them with food, clothing and sometimes even a shower. He described the rescue mission as a second chance at life. He also shared the startling statistic that the average age of a homeless person in Frederick is 11 years old.

The walk was the conclusion to a week of events held across campus helping to raise awareness for the hungry and homeless that live in Frederick and nearby areas. Other events that were held on campus included a Snapchat challenge, a homeless speaker and a hungry dinner, where members of the Mount community hosted and fed members of the local homeless community.

The Frederick Rescue Mission was also involved with other schools, organizations and companies during the week, trying to spread awareness for the cause. This was the first time the Mount and the rescue mission combined efforts to host a Walk to End Hunger.

Sheraz and junior Oda Assimadou played an integral part in bringing the rescue mission to campus. Both students participated in internships for the rescue mission during the past summer and semester. As interns, they had the opportunity to help the rescue mission spread awareness of the hunger and homeless problems to other areas of Frederick County, like travelling to other schools and participating in Soup Sunday, a fundraiser where the top restaurants in Frederick donate dishes to a dinner.

Looking forward, both students hope to see the partnership between the Frederick Rescue Mission and the Mount grow even more. “I want to see everything come together and be combined in one huge event,” added Assimadou. Sheraz also added he hopes Mount students will take this opportunity to volunteer with the rescue mission and take advantage of the fact that they have the privilege of attending a good university.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to volunteer with the Frederick Rescue Mission. They are located at 419 W South Street in Frederick, Maryland. Please visit their website if you have any questions or wish to get involved and help make a difference in the homeless community: therescumission.org.

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