Mr. Mount Saves Christmas

On Nov. 30, the annual Mr. Mount pageant took place in Knott Auditorium. Each year, several male contestants volunteer to compete in order to win the honorary title of Mr. Mount (and for the $500 cash prize). However, as Ben Parker famously posited, “with great power comes great responsibility” (Parker, Spiderman), Mr. Mount ultimately has a duty to fulfill. This year, Activity Management Program (AMP) claimed that a new Mr. Mount needed to be selected in order for Christmas to be saved.

AMP organized the event, were the hosts for the event, and provided videos and music to accompany the show. Before the male contestants performed, the Dance Team displayed their talent and put on a show with their choreographed dance. Then, the two hosts were introduced along with the four judges and several comedic videos were played in order to liven up the crowd and provide context to this year’s event. As the videos showed, Santa was mugged and he needed to be rescued in order for Christmas to be saved. Thus, a new Mr. Mount who is perfectly qualified needed to be selected in order to bear the task of saving Santa. Then, the seven male contestants for Mr. Mount were introduced by their stage names which were; Snow Miser, Charlie Brown, the Polar Express Conductor, Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Olaf, and the Grinch.

The contestants performed their initial acts in sequence and their acts showcased their abilities to sing, dance, and act, and their charismatic and humorous characters were judged as well. Some acts were based off of familiar holiday classics, others were new and creative and some even felt improvised, but all of them were unique in their own way. The contestants were judged and eliminated as rounds progressed until there was only one contestant who remained. The audience was certainly involved in all of the acts and participated in applauding, cheering and call outs. About one hundred people were in attendance for Mr. Mount and many of them stayed throughout the whole show which went on for a couple of hours. Special thanks to AMP for organizing the event, the hosts for keeping the show running, the judges, the dance team and the contestants for putting on a show and volunteering for the task of becoming Mr. Mount.

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