Moon Dwellers Art Exhibition in Delapline

On Nov. 16, transdisciplinary artist, Elliot Doughtie, introduced his art collection, Moon Dwellers, in the Delaplaine Fine Arts Building to express his interest in the beauty of the galaxy, and the possibility of a domestic life on the moon. The exhibit officially opened up to the Mount public in The Williams Gallery on Nov. 2, and will be displayed until Dec. 8.

Elliot Doughtie was born in 1985 in Dallas, Texas and established the beginning of his art career at Tulane University, followed by The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. His mediums of art are primarily focused in drawing, sculptures and site-artwork. While Doughtie is currently employed in the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, he has traveled to different parts of the country to display his art.

The locations featuring his work include the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas, the Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia, School 33 Art Center in Baltimore, Maryland, the Re: Art show in Brooklyn, New York and of course, Delaplaine Fine Arts Building here at Mount St. Mary’s University.

For this particular project, Doughtie made use of a variety of everyday objects to act as tools of display in Moon Dwellers. As this is a blend of science fiction and domestic life, it is rather fitting to use common items in our lives and apply them to the life we would live in the atmosphere of a lunar setting. This included a variety of jars, tubes and bottles all painted in the same color as a common, white wall in an everyday home. Along with the white paint, these items included a bright, brass color at the ends as well, something similar to the brass in some kind of home appliance.

All of these were placed closely together on a simple table or shelf and set to stand out against the curtains spread out on the opposite walls. The curtains Doughtie chose for his work were pitch black, almost as dark as the night sky of space, with the white object standing out like the stars on a clear evening. It is truly a beautiful contrast for the idea Doughtie is demonstrating for his work.

Moon Dwellers is a truly unique art piece that has gathered the attention of several members of the Mount community. With its subtle, yet stunning atmosphere that combines both the life of Earth and the quiet of space, Doughtie truly captures the beauty of a new world we could create. As was stated for the exhibit description: “Here, boundaries are challenges that need transforming, as we must literally construct worlds in which we exist and not be subject to those we are given.”

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