Michael Gunn Named SGA President

The Student Government Association elections concluded and produced an exciting outcome. Both candidates, Patrick Fitzgerald and Sewa Michael Gunn fought a tough election with very close results. Both gentlemen stepped up to the plate and participated well in campaigning and the presidential candidate debate. In the end, Michael Gunn, Class of 2021, was elected as the new Student Body President.

The sitting board of student representatives reached an impressive vote of confidence. Along with Gunn, the sitting board will take office on the first day of classes of the spring semester, January 16, 2018.

When Gunn found out he was elected, he said it felt “very exciting, and surreal.” He added he thought that he was confident and fit the description of becoming student body president. Moreover, he expressed it was “truly an honor” to go against Patrick Fitzgerald.

Gunn felt prepared because he was involved in SGA in high school. He is also the co-founder of a non-profit organization called Revival. He attended a United Nations Youth Assembly in early 2017 where he represented his school and community.

He has many goals as president. He wants to start by making sure that students are involved in the decisions that he and the student representatives make. He is interested in using social media rather than e-mails as a way to reach students. He wants look at clubs,organizations and teams on campus and get their feedback.

He has plans for Patriot and the Mount Café. He explained that this might be difficult because of the Mount’s contact with dining services, but he suggested, “we can work something out.” He wants to diversify the food selection and expressed his fellow classmates have reached out for that agenda. For the café, he wants to diversify that menu as well. He wants to make it vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free friendly.

He concluded by saying that “more will come for this.” He is a visionary who has big plans. Gunn thanks all the students that voted for him for their support. He ended, “they won’t be disappointed.”


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