Making Sweet Music

On Nov. 30, the Mount St. Mary’s University Department of Visual and Performing Arts held a Student Instrumental and Vocal Recital in Horning Theater to gain attention for their program and entertain the viewers with a beautiful set of songs. The recital was scheduled around the same time as the Mr. Mount event, but that did not stop plenty of students from coming to the theater to personally see what kind of talent the musicians of Mount St. Mary’s University had to offer.


Unfortunately, soprano singer, Kateri Miller and piano player, Olivia Elderenkamp were not able to play their performances in the first two acts due to personal circumstances. However, the show went on and it was spectacular with all the talent everyone had to offer. To begin the show, soprano singer, Samantha Krueger, enchanted the audience with her cover of “Die Nonne,” and beautiful, yet somber song about a nun wishing to be a part of the fun of a wedding ceremony she watches from afar. It was the perfect start to the show for the evening.


After the singing, it was time for the instruments to take center stage, starting with Maria Costantino on the alto flute. She played a soft, melodic tune of “Music for Pan,” giving a more lighthearted tone for her part of the performance. She was followed by Kieran Damitz, a student playing “Prelude Nuevo” on the marimba. Both of their songs were just the right amount of grace and upbeat tone for the audience’s enjoyment.


Bryan Dorbert took the stage next, having one song on marimba and the other on snare ready to play. The first song, “Fundamental Method for Mallets,” slowly built up more energy and power in each note of the song, showing a progression from softer songs to more bold melodies for the evening. The second song, “Rhythmic Training” gave the audience a taste of the powerful percussion they would see next.


All of the participants gathered their instruments together in center stage for a group performance, and the final events of the evening. First, they performed “Presentiment of Death,” an eery, yet powerful tune that kept audience members at the edge of their seats. The ominous tone did not last for too long, as the performers ended the night on a positive and festive note with “Carol of the Bells”.


Each and every one of the performers truly put their heart into an astounding performance for the attendees that evening. Their songs were played beautifully and allowed the talent of the Mount St. Mary’s University Performing Arts Department truly shine. With support of their teachers and the dean, they have proven what potential the department has to offer. It has not had a percussion ensemble in a decade, but because of the dedication, practice and talent of these musicians, it would appear that things really are turning around for the Mount’s Visual and Performing Arts students.

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