Changes Made to Health Services

A new health services plan promises to bring sweeping change to the university, with both quality care and new educational opportunities becoming available to students of the Mount.

To students, the current wellness center resembles their doctors’ offices back home, a place where they have access to a nurse and doctor for limited clinic hours. Students can also obtain prescriptions and receive minor medical treatment.

However, President Trainer hopes to expand the role and presence of health services by implementing several key altercations. These changes focus on the well-being of Mount students and aim to deliver quality service to all.

“The new plan is not just about the health care for students, it’s also about academic programs, and it’s about helping the community,” explained Simon Blackwell, the Mount’s Chief Transformation Officer. In that role, Blackwell is responsible for helping the Mount identify change and improvement.  

In order to accomplish this, the Mount has asked five different health care institutions for support. “The University is trying to increase its partnerships, and in this particular case I believe there is an opportunity to create a win-win-win situation: a win for the healthcare provider we might partner with, a win for our students, and there’s a potential long-term win for the local community,” added Ken McVearry, Dean of Students.    

With many Division 1 athletes and a national champion rugby team, the new plan presents an opportunity to bring improved health care to all students.   

Along with progressing health care, the new plan will extend academic programs in the area of education. Subjects such as kinesiology (the study of human movement) and physical education will soon become obtainable through health services, as will opportunities for internships at hospitals and admission to medical or nursing schools. In addition to health care delivery, topics such as the marketing and business management of health care will also be offered for interested students.  

The new plan available at the Mount will also hopefully improve the health care in northern Frederick County, as the university is encouraging potential partners to also provide expanded health care capacity in Emmitsburg.  

While changes are planned to begin in 2018, it is still too early to tell precisely what will happen and when. Factors such as funding, availability of staff, and interactions with the local community are still in the opening phase, and it will undoubtedly take several months to finalize the contracts.   

While some may feel apprehensive about such change, the quality of health care at the Mount will not go down.  If anything, its availability will increase.  For example, there is potential for the construction of an X-Ray facility near campus. With such a facility nearby, students won’t have to travel far to Frederick or Gettysburg to receive treatment-it’ll be right here at the Mount.  


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