Ocean Park Standoff Comes to Mount

In an amazing night on Saturday November 18, the band Ocean Park Standoff performed a raging concert in Cardinal Keeler.  Given to The Mountain Echo was the previously unreleased date of their next single, a remix of their song “Lost Boys” scheduled for January 19, 2018.  Opening the set were Jeremiah Holmes and First Year Isaiah Rodriguez, winner of the Acoustic Battle earlier in the semester.  Also in Cardinal Keeler was the Beer Garden allowing students to both drink and attend the concert.  Attendance at the event was around 300 students.

The charming singer Rodriguez, look a like to Bruno Mars some would say, played a line up of songs by such artists as Blink 182, Train, Paramore, Darius Rucker, and Bruno Mars.   Ocean Park Standoff played all the hits from their first EP released in March of this year including “Good News,” “We Do,” and “Photos and Liquor.”  They also played several covers throughout the concert in addition to new unreleased music.

The three Ocean Park Standoff band members are Pete Nappi as drummer, Ethan Thompson as lead vocalist, and Samantha Ronson as guitarist/secondary vocals.  Also with them for their performances are a bassist and a sound mixer.  Each member started as independent artists who wrote songs for other musicians until coming together as a band, to get paid for their own music.  They were signed by Hollywood records almost even before they had officially started as a band.  “‘We’ll sign you,’” Ethan said, “we’re like, ‘we literally aren’t even a band.’” They got the name Ocean Park Standoff from a police standoff that happened on the corner of Ocean Park Boulevard and Tenth Street, Santa Monica California.  The logo, the three horizontal lines, was the idea of Ethan Thompson and represents each band member.  The concept behind the image was to impose as little on the music as possible, letting the music stand on its own.  Each line of the artwork was drawn by one of the members and photoshopped together.

Ocean Park Standoff spent this last summer touring with Third Eye Blind and The Silversun Pickups.  Off touring they perform for hire at venues such as radio stations and colleges.  Their last gig, the night before performing at the Mount, was a radio station in Minneapolis.  They left the rest of 2017 free for studio time for the newest song and next EP, both scheduled for release next year.  Pete Nappi is the producer for the music when not playing drums while Samantha Ronson and Ethan Thompson act as songwriters.  “We like to say there is no leader in the band,” said Thompson, “we are always just passing the torch to whomever is running in the front and that’s how it is when we’re writing too.”  So far, the band has been met with success and has a growing fan base.  The members have bonded well taking a group trip to Disney World and each getting a tattoo of their logo.

Students at the concert seemed to be having a lot of fun.  “It was mind blowing and amazing, out of this world,” said first year Kaitlyn Coffey.  Putting the concert together was the result of a lot of hard work and effort on the part of Amp staff.  “The set up was, how do I put it, a lot, but it was cool,” said First Year AMP leader Amanda Micheo.  “I was like fan girling over the artists.  I would love to work more concerts in the future.”  The band was hyped for the performance too, with Thompson coming up to the railing to interact with the audience or getting one AMP leader on stage to dance.  Ronson at one point started filming with her camera and took one audience member’s phone on stage to film.  The atmosphere of the concert was intense.  Big speakers were reverberating the walls, bright lights illuminated the stage, the audience was cheering.  At one point, Ocean Park Standoff did a chorus having the audience repeat the verses.  With AMP known to host popular bands, one can only look forward to the next concert they will host.  Go Mount!

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