Mount Welcomes Dr. Boyd Creasman

Last week, President Trainor announced Dr. Boyd Creasman as the next Provost of Mount St. Mary’s University. Creasman is the current Provost of West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Before becoming Chief Academic Officer in 2013, Creasman played a lot of different administrative roles at West Virginia Wesleyan College. He was the chair of the English department for six years and also was the Director of Fine Arts and Humanities for three years. In addition, he founded and directed the four-credit First-Year Seminar program at West Virginia Wesleyan.

In Trainor’s provost announcement email, he said, “As student success is one of the top priorities in our strategic plan, I am confident he will help lead our academic program to an even higher level of excellence.”

In addition to academic success, Creasman has valuable fundraising experience. In 2014, he co-authored a grant proposal that awarded $10 million in Title III funding for faculty and staff development, improvements in infrastructure, renovation of every classroom on campus, additional academic support staff, and an endowment match of up to $2 million.

Trainor also noted in his email, “He’s [Creasman] already demonstrated the ability to develop new, in-demand programs that aided his institution’s financial health. In addition, he has experience in helping faculty become more effective in their teaching while increasing their professional development opportunities.

Patrick Fitzgerald C’19, was one of the students who had the chance to meet with Creasman during his provost candidate interview. He said, “Dr. Creasman is a man of experienced leadership. He is an authentic man who just wants to hear from students about how the Mount can advance. I believe he will fit into the Mount because of his passion for student advancement and for the liberal arts.”

Creasman will be visiting campus a few times in the coming months to prepare for his official start as Provost in January. Welcome to the Mount, Dr. Creasman! ­

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