The Ott House is the Place to Go

Have you ever felt that as a college student you don’t have much money to spend, but you want to go out on a weekend and have a good time? Do you ever feel like there is not much to do as a Mount Student being in a country area?

College students are usually looking for a fun place to hang out with their friends where they can purchase food at affordable prices. They want to hang out somewhere that caters to them specifically; that understands the life of a college student.

For Mount students, look no further than the Ott House.

Many Mount students enjoy the area that surrounds the restaurant. When going to Ott’s, there is a small town feeling of comfort and being at home. The Ott House is located on the corner of Main Street in Emmitsburg, and is surrounded by other restaurants, magic shops and old buildings. Ott’s was founded in 1970 by siblings Budd and Suzie Ott. Budd is still alive and friendlier than ever, always making sure his customers are satisfied.

You don’t want to miss out on this college hangout. As a Mount student, it should be on every student’s college bucket list to visit this restaurant/bar. Everyone knows that Ott’s is the closest bar to the Mount, and the spot where everyone socializes and likes to have fun.

The Ott House has unbelievable food and great service. Ott’s is famous for its mild buffalo wings, at a good price too. Their wings are usually around $7, and are a staple menu item. Another popular dish is the buffalo chicken sandwich, which is served as a piece of grilled chicken with buffalo sauce and ranch on a grilled bun for $9.

The food is fairly affordable for all college students. “I love how cheap their prices are, especially for college students around in Emmitsburg,” sophomore Hanna Nilles said. “I don’t have to spend too much money on one meal.” The low prices at Ott House attract all college students and give the restaurant business.

I went to the Ott House on Friday September 30 and had very good service. They brought my food on the table within 20 minutes, and my server checked on me several times. While I was there, I enjoyed some live music, which occurs every Friday and Saturday with free cover. Being a college student, I like to get off campus and enjoy a free concert on weekends. It is nice being able to get off campus for a few hours.

As a college student, you may be looking for both entertainment and a place to drink with your friends. Well, you are in luck! The Ott House provides both for college students. Every Wednesday night, Ott’s has a college night for Mount students. Any Mount student can come to the Ott House and enjoy some cheap beer with their friends. Beer is $5 per pitcher on Wednesdays, and any juice-vodka drink is $3.75.

College night is free admission which helps with being able to afford more drinks and maybe food. There is also the opportunity to play pool with four pool tables set up where all the pool sharks can play for 75 cents a game. Along with playing pool, you can jam out to any tune you want on the music box. One dollar gets four credits to play a song.

Another great feature is the free car service, where Ott’s drivers will pick up Mount students, bring them to the bar and drive them back to campus. No need for a designated driver when you and your friends can ride in the Ott’s service cars.

Great food, fun entertainment, and cheap prices makes up the ideal college atmosphere. “Otts is a great place for my friends and I to hang out, listen to music and show our pool shark skills,” sophomore Olivia At said. You are missing out if you don’t visit this bar/restaurant.

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