The Communication Major: Foundation and Future

“When you can harness the power of communication and conversation, you harness the power to change your workplace, your community and your world.” This statement may be found on the Mount’s communication major page. Communication is a skill that can sometimes be overlooked, but is one of the most valuable skills in the work world. Having strong communication skills can allow you to network, express your ideas and promote yourself and the ideas of others, making them integral to the success of any business or organization.

Reflecting on the nature of the communication major at the Mount, our school offers something special. Our liberal arts education provides a curriculum that is founded in the study of faith and human interconnectedness. Mixed with an evolving communication major, this combination brings something special to the table when students are applying for jobs. The core curriculum suggests that they are disciplined in the classics and have developed critical thinking skills while their communication classes show an ability to dive into modern media and approach real world problems head on. This combination allows students to go further than the ability to write and speak well because they are able to write about and relate to humanity as a whole.

To get an idea of where the major is headed, I talked with Dr. Kennedy from the communication department. “The major is going to continue to be career and skills focused. We want to make sure our students are not only prepared for thinking outside the box from their core classes but also having a skill set that they can use in the workforce,” Kennedy explained. “Most importantly, we want to make sure that you have a foundation here so that you can stand shoulder to shoulder with other students after graduation.”

The major is working towards this goal by now offering a graphic design class, allowing students to develop applied skills. Students learn how to use free software to create graphics for social media, which they can expand upon in their required Social Media class. In addition to these new classroom opportunities, the communications major has also created its own COMM Club.

Alumni outreach representative Michelle Whissel notes the networking opportunities that come with the club. “My favorite thing about COMM Club is getting to know other communications majors and minors at our meetings,” she explained.

The communications major overall has evolved greatly since I started as a freshman. I declared my major because of that same desire to master how to write and speak well, but the major has offered more than that. The classes range from Public Speaking to Media in Society to Broadcast Journalism, and each class has offered a relation to the real world, adding value to my class time. Mount alumni from the major have gone on to do great things, from event planning to strategic planning and more. If you are interested in polishing your communications skills, or for more information about the communication department and major, contact the department at 301-447-5367.

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