The Azimuth String Quartet Presents “Impressions”

Mount St. Mary’s Department of Visual & Performing Arts presented “Impressions” Saturday Oct. 21 at the Horning Theater in the Delaplaine Fine Arts Center. The Azimuth String Quartet performed “Impressions”, members of the quartet included violinists Nicholas Currie, James Tung, a professor here at the Mount, Alice Tung, and cellist Adam Gonzalez. The quartet performed Ravel’s String quartet which included four movements. The movements expressed different emotions to the audience. They also performed a piece from Debussy with four movements as well. After intermission Nicolas Currie took a step back and John Wickelgren, a professor here at the Mount, was welcomed into the group to form a Piano Quartet. They performed four movements from Fauré for the piano quartet. A number of students were present during this performance and one student in attendance, Annisha Montgomery, C’19 said “I really liked the performance, it was something different than just going to a lecture on campus. It was nice seeing faculty sharing their hobbies and you could tell that all of the performers, especially the faculty member that planned the event, were really proud of themselves and for sharing their music.” According to Valeria Villagran, C’21, “While watching the performance I could picture myself in Hogwarts during the second movement in the Ravel. The third movement in the Ravel reminded me of Sleeping Beauty, it was light and airy.”

James Tung, a professor here at the Mount, explained the story behind the performance. He explained how the pieces can range from serious to becoming lighter to then transforming into a whimsical tone. The string quartet is a quartet for hire, however they usually choose songs that they feel best suit the audience and event. They like to balance the program, as well as giving the audience “A tasting of different expressions,” said Professor James Tung. The Quartet has been together since 2007, they have performed the Ravel for about six or seven years. This is the second time the String Quartet has performed with the Piano Quartet.

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