Strategic Plan Approved

Vice President and Chief of Staff Wayne Green and Director of Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Jeffrey Simmons were happy to announce that the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan on Oct. 16. “The entire plan was crafted with Student Success as our primary focus in all we do,” stated Green.

In the next few months, the Strategic Plan will focus on prioritizing the objectives listed in the document that is available to all of campus. Green and Simmons are hoping this will be done by Thanksgiving break. The priorities selected are what must be done for the 2017-2018 academic year plan implementation. Following this, it is their goal to have some of the tasks associated with the objectives completed by May.

“The goals have turned into the objectives found in the Strategic Plan.  From those goals, what projects will help achieve the objectives?” stated Simmons.

The prioritized objectives will be assigned projects, and these projects need leaders and committees. The entire campus can find a place where they belong in the Strategic Plan. Leads and committees will be decided by Christmas break.

Changes will be subtle and will take place over time. Before the implementation of changes, it is necessary to have data and facts. One change going into next year will be new and expanded health care options for all students.  

Green’s role in the Strategic Plan upon its approval is being the lead planner and he holds accountability for its completion. In his duty as chief of staff, he is the primary integrator. Green has seen “great people, great programs, and a great Mount and the Strategic Plan aligns with this greatness.”

Simmons’ role is coordinating projects that altogether make up the plan and training for leaders of the projects.  

The additions of men and women’s golf, men’s soccer and women’s bowling are positive changes in the works, and campus can expect other changes in the future like Voice of the Mount (Objective 11.1) which gives people opportunity for feedback.  

Objective 2.1 states that Holistic Development creates an ethical leader model. Using pieces of the core curriculum and co-curricular programs, participants in the committee can develop what it means to be a Mount ethical leader. “The core will be integrated with other existing programs like iLEAD, Outdoor Adventures, SGA, OSJ and others,” stated Simmons.

Information meetings for students will be held to detail what the plan is and what it is about. There will be a town hall for all of campus on Nov. 9 to discuss the 2017-2018 implementation plan.

Both Green and Simmons encourage the entire campus to continue to take part in the Strategic Plan. “Thank you to everyone for engaging and caring for the Strategic Plan.  This is a call to action to continue doing so.”


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