Post Stays VP for Enrollment, Dean of Students Made Cabinet-Level Position

There is no denying that change has been occurring all over the Mount’s campus. Recently, news broke that  Michael Post’s job description will change from his current title of “Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs” to “Vice President of Enrollment Management.”

This is in no way a simplification of his position here at the Mount, but rather an attempt to streamline his role as the University moves forward with the Strategic Plan.

After sitting down with Post and President Timothy Trainor, it was clear that this plan is best for everyone. Post currently wears two hats at the University. As the Vice President of Enrollment Management, Post oversees Admissions efforts throughout the undergraduate level of the University as well as setting retention and enrollment targets for the University.

In his position with Student Affairs, Post works with many of the offices of Upper and Lower McGowan that deal directly with students. Post also acts as a Title IX Coordinator on campus, dealing mostly with student cases and complaints.

With the passing of the Strategic Plan, there is much effort to grow the University in many ways, one of which clearly is enrollment. As Vice President of Enrollment Management, Post will focus on enhancing enrollment and retention rates at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Trainor disclosed his new plan with the Mountain Echo, claiming that instead of searching for someone new to fill the Student Affairs position, the administration will “hire up.” Trainor’s plan is to enhance the Dean of Students’ role as a cabinet-level position, allowing current Dean Kenneth McVearry to answer directly to Trainor.

One of the main goals of the new Strategic Plan is to grow student success at the campus level, and Trainor believes that bringing in a voice from student life will directly benefit the student body. Trainor also noted that by not hiring new from the top, it allows for more opportunities to “add depth” to the Student Life office in other capacities.

The administration, Trainor and Post all seem excited about the plan. Trainor believes that this will create both “effectiveness and efficiency” in catering to the new Strategic Plan. Having McVearry as a direct voice at the cabinet level will integrate the student life office with the administration, in an effort to better the lives of students across campus.

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