A Spooky Trip Through Emmit’s Woods

This past Saturday was filled with Halloween activities as several campus organizations joined together to put on a rocking party.  The event which was called Emmit’s Woods started with an open zipline provided by Outdoor Adventures, a haunted trail led by AMP and an after party organized by Campus Ministry.  This was one of the first campus events lead by multiple organizations and the first year AMP has put on a haunted trail.

Instead of having students walk across East Campus to reach the party, a hay ride drove from the route 15 pedestrian tunnel down to the zipline and back around.  Plenty of tiki torches lit the way.  Campus Ministry provided food with chili dogs and brownies part of which included a chili contest between campus Ministry and AMP (with Campus Ministry clearly the winner according to First Year Noah Lane).

The haunted trail turned out tame but showed a lot of potential for the future.  Amp deserves a lot of credit for all the effort that went into the trail and for the fact that this their first time putting on a haunted trail.  Participants were lead in groups of ten with an AMP guide who took them along a winding path in the woods where actors from several different scenes would try to scare passersby.  The scenes were taken from real events and legends in Maryland and the AMP leaders provided information at each stop giving the actors a chance to scare.  Overall, the trail felt more like a history lesson in comparison with mainstream haunted trails such as Field of Screams or Screamland Farms.

First Year Julia Hammer was one of the student actors along the haunted trail.  She had fun scaring fellow students and said that there was a lot of enthusiasm among the other actors in their roles.  One of the students who got scared along the trail was First Year Kaitlyn Coffey. “It was different,” Coffey said, “[The haunted trail] was a good concept.”

The afterparty was filled with flashing lights and DJ music while students socialized.  There was a good attendance overall and plenty of people wore costumes.  There was also cornhole and a campfire.  Overall, the event was a huge success and offered a lot of potential to be a mainstay event in the future.

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