A ‘Spooktacular’ Good Time- The Mount Way

Lurking in the shadows of the Mount’s East Campus sits a land ripe for mischief as Halloween draws near.

Usually, the sounds of screams can be heard as Mount students attempt to outrun zombies while clambering through obstacles, hoping to leave with great prizes and minimal lives being lost.This is referring to AMP’s Zombie Apocalypse – a campus wide obstacle course that normally takes place on the Saturday before Halloween. In lieu of this event, however, AMP has decided to push the boundaries on both themselves and on the grounds of our campus, seeing just how spooky they can get. The solution was clear – why not have a haunted trail? There’s plenty of room for it, across the sprawling green we call home. The perfect place, however, is not found so easily.

“After consulting with the office of Outdoor Activities, we decided it would be best if we could hold the Haunted Trail through the challenge course behind the zip line across campus,” Ana Pena-Molina explained.

Pena-Molina is one of the leaders on the project and has been working hard the past few weeks to solidify how to make this event something to remember. AMP will be hosting their first ever Haunted Trail on Oct. 28 from 7:30-10:30 p.m., on the challenge course, but that’s not all that awaits you.

“We’ve teamed up with Campus Ministry and CRUX to offer a unique collaborative experience that will draw out all kinds of students,” Pena-Molina said, “CRUX will be holding an Open Zip from 4:30-6:30 p.m. to get the evening started, with a bonfire featuring s’mores and hot cider following from 6:30-7:30 p.m. This leads into the start time of the Haunted Trail, and finally, Campus Ministry will finish out the night with their after party.”

The event has been given the name “Emmit’s Woods” to play off of other popular Halloween attractions in the area, while also encompassing a bit of a Mount pride. But what will make this event different from those other attractions? With Screamland Farms being right in Frederick, and discount tickets being sold through the office of Campus Activities, what will make students stay on campus and check out this event?

“I think the fact that it’s an all-for-one kind of deal,” Pena-Molina hoped, “You don’t come over to East Campus just for one event, but three. And you get to pick and choose what you actually take part in. Not one event is required to do the rest. Not to mention all this is happening for free only a few minutes’ walk from your dorm room.”

Another point that Pena-Molina offered was the fact that the Haunted Trail is going to be entirely made up of students portraying this year’s theme- Maryland urban legends.

Come see your best friend play a woman accused as the dreaded witch Molly Dyer takes over part of the trail with her wicked ways. The guy who sits behind you in English class seems innocent enough, but you haven’t seen him don horns and an ax as he takes on the role of the terrifying Goatman, a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

“It’s supposed to be fun without all of the guts and gore, and play off of the fact that where we go to school has its own history of frights that we can really play to our advantage,” commented Pena-Molina.

A history of frights mixed with the perfect location carved out of the woods sounds like a setup that is sure to attract a few brave students. Those not looking to be scared, however, can find sanctuary but going right to the after party, happening 7:30-11 p.m., and enjoying free games, a chili cook-off and a costume contest. The experience is totally up to the student and what they wish to make of it. Between the three events being offered, everyone should be able to have a great time.

Come join CRUX, AMP and Campus Ministry as they throw what could be the biggest Halloween celebration of the weekend!

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