Combined Efforts Recruit One of the Largest Classes in Mount History

Over 500 undergraduate and 53 transfer students enrolled to the Mount this year because of our recruitment process.

  Mike Post, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs, said “it’s an extensive lengthy process for us to recruit. We begin recruiting students when their sophomores in high school. We do a lot of outreach to high school students through a number of different ways. Travelling to high schools, meeting with counselors, as well as interested students we send current students back to their former high schools to help drum up interest, we do a lot of email marketing”

The marketing makes students aware of the university. But a foundation at the very beginning is needed as well, “we put a lot of effort into sophomore year of high school junior year of high school of building our quantity of prospective students.” This allows for prospective students to learn more about the Mount and know what type of campus they would part of.

   Recruitment is not just for faculty alone, it also falls on the students as well. “We’re looking number one for somebody that values Mount St. Mary’s University, we’re looking for a student that has taken the time to understand who we are and what the Mount’s about… we’re looking for students who want to be the best version of themselves here at the Mount,” Post says. Those that come to Mount St. Mary’s should expect an active campus whether it is a sport or a program like the Echo.

  There is always room for improvement though. “The recruitment process has to change each and every year,” Post said and each year the interest or way of communication for students change. “Everything from technology changes to the needs and wants of families changes as well… we have to adapt.”

  But the problem with recruitment would be getting the message that the Mount represents to the students. In a presentation done by Dr. Larrivee, he references how most recruitment material for colleges and universities is almost all the same. Larrivee says that getting the message of how sophisticated the education at the Mount is something we will have to work on.

One way Larrivee has worked on spreading the message is by going to high schools in the surrounding area. The outreach program helps train high school teachers which gets the message to the prospective students sooner which brings in even more students. Larrivee predicts within five years’ time the Mount will be a main provider of helping and connecting with high school teachers.


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