Battling It Out in Club 1808

In club 1808 on Friday Oct. 29, many competitors battled it out in an amazing acoustic battle. Five solo performers, four duos, and one group went toe to toe in a competition which featured vocals, acoustic instruments, a tambourine, a box drum, a loop pedal, a piano and dancers. Some of the competitors were familiar faces from last year, for others it was their first time competing on the Mount stage and one person had performed for their first time ever. Everyone who took the stage seemed to be enjoying every moment. Popular songs were played such as; “Young, Dumb, and Broke”, “Riptide”, “I’m Yours”, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”, “Norwegian Wood”, and the “Beauty and the Beast” song. Several performers had their own unique covers of songs and some even played songs of their own.

The performers kept the audience engaged the whole time and the audience accompanied each song with snapping, clapping, cheering, putting their arms around each other and singing along. Many freshmen, a good amount of upperclassmen and even some seminarians were present and filled every seat in 1808. Most of the people simply came for the music and others came to cheer on their friends. The energy in the building was high throughout the competition and the members of the audience got out of their seats at several points throughout the show. The judges enjoyed all of the performances but provided constructive criticism at certain points. The hosts of the show managed to bring standup comedy and rap into the mix and kept the audience entertained between acts. Finally, AMP, the stage crew, the light technicians and the sound technicians allowed for everything to run smoothly and created an impressive atmosphere.

Although the performers were competing against each other, the atmosphere was friendly and each person on stage seemed to be enjoying music purely for music’s sake. For millennia, music has lifted moods and has brought people together and the Mount kept that long tradition alive with the Acoustic battle. For those who have never witnessed the Acoustic Battle before, it is highly recommended to attend at least once; it is a fun and free event each year.

A special thanks to Jasmine, Aaron, Mattie, Isaiah, Brian, Pat, Justin, Tyler, Lyndsey, Phoebe, John, Erick, Joey, Mackenzie, Belen and Kara for their wonderful performances.

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