Admissions Continues to Broaden Horizons

There’s a lot going on in Admissions this year. One of the biggest events of the year for the Admissions Office happened on September 23: The Open House.

There is more, in addition to the Open House, that the Mount community can look forward to from Admissions in the coming year. Some of these things include, “lots of on campus visit programs; we’re doing a lot more to invite prospective students and families to come visit campus for those that are interested in being freshmen or transfer students next year,” shares Vice President Mike Post.

Post explains that “the Admissions Counselors will be visiting more high schools and more college fairs this year; we’re definitely trying to broaden our outreach to guidance counselors, students, and families.” By doing this we can expand our Mount community to more areas.

The Mount community itself is also vital to the Admissions process. “Each and every year it seems more and more members of the Mount community are willing to help us in meeting families when they are on campus,” Post explains.

With the new school year beginning there are also some transitions going on within the Admissions Office. “Eddie Wright had been working here a number of years and did a great job and it was very bitter-sweet to see him go. I’m happy for him in his new role as Director at Newman University.” Post shares.

Wright was Associate Director for the Admissions Office. He was in charge of managing the on-campus visit programs for the undergraduate program and the student tour program during his time working at the Mount. In addition to that “he worked with our Telecounselors, our Mount Ambassadors, and our Freshman Ambassadors,” Post explains. “I’m very fortunate that we’ve got a lot of people that really love working with students.”

Tahreem Fayiz is one of the Mount Ambassador Coordinators and she mainly takes care of scheduling. “Although Eddie is no longer at the university, I’m most excited about starting to work with the new Assistant Director and see what they have in store for not just the Mount Ambassadors, but the entire Admissions Office and the university as a whole.”

“We’ve had a successful search for his replacement and we should have a new individual within the Admissions Office mid-October that’ll help to run our visit programs,” Post explains.

“So much of our program success isn’t really any one person in the Admissions Office, it’s actually all of the other offices like Physical Plant and Dining Services, Academics, Technology, all of those offices help that program really be what it is for families. It’s been a community wide effort to make sure that our programs keep running smoothly,” Post explains.  

When asked about having the largest freshman class in a number of years Post explains that “We had a really good recruitment team all around in the Admissions office last year. I owe most of that success to the overall perception of the Mount outside of campus, the community involvement and the Admissions and Financial Aid teams.”

Not only is there a fairly large freshman class this year but there is also quite a number of transfer students this fall. “We have our largest transfer class in our history this fall with 52 students.” It’s been quite the record breaking year for the Mount.

This big success can be attributed to the Admissions Office. “The undergraduate Admissions team is extremely dedicated to wanting what’s best for families as well as for the Mount,” Post shares. The Mount now looks forward to the successes that the Admissions Office can accomplish this year.

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