Open House, Open to All

On Sept. 24, the staff of Mount St. Mary’s University held a grand event of exploration, information and welcoming for potential members of the Mount Community all across the campus. This Admission Event truly represented all of the outstanding features and programs the Mount has to offer to potential students, and held various presentations in Patriot Hall for the honored guests of the day. One of such informative events that took place for the Mount was the Open House.

The Open House Event is a feature of Admissions that allows a thorough, informative tour of the detailed features that make up the Mount. While this has been a useful way in getting to see what the campus environment looks like, it offers quite an array of knowledge as to how each and every part of the Mount runs. It also allows questions from both students and family alike to be on the same page on perception for the academic environment.


The tour begins in Patriot Hall, where all of the presentations are set up for information. Those participating in the tour can come across a variety of booths with meet-and-greets with professors, detailed paths for certain majors and minors, important offices such as the Career Center and Residence Life and a variety of clubs offered for anytime outside of the classroom. Once all of the information is provided, tour guests are treated to a meal with their families before continuing onward.


Though they receive the bulk of their information from the passage in Patriot Hall, parents and future students are guided along the campus to see just where these programs and important areas can be found. The Residential Assistant that leads their group passes through the lounge and offices of the McGowan building before guiding everyone outside where they can see the true beauty of Mount St. Mary’s University.


Tour members are guided to every key place on the campus. They get to see the various living spaces in the dorm buildings, and even meet a few residents in the buildings. They are introduced to important locations, such as The Delaplaine Fine Arts Center and the Coad Science Building. Each tour member can experience a particular feature that truly holds to their personal interests in learning.

The Open House is one of the most detailed and inciteful events that the Mount has to offer to potential students. It is an opportunity that shouldn’t be turned down to anyone who shows great interest in becoming a future graduate of the Mount. Such an event could lead to one of the most important decisions in their academic life, as the members of the Mount wish to truly demonstrate how this campus could become a second home as it has for many others.

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