Silver Knights Enrichment Program

Silver Knights Enrichment is a program that aims to provide children with a positive learning experience through chess and computer coding. This program provides summer camps, weekend chess tournaments and training classes for all participants. Adam Weissbarth founded the program in 2004 after taking a job as a chess-coach for elementary school students while doubling as a full-time graduate student in Statistics. Adam and his brother Daniel decided to switch to a new career of teaching children chess full-time. As a result, the Silver Knights Chess began in 2006. The Silver Knights Enrichment program now employs over 100 STEM instructors throughout the Washington, D.C. area. To date, there are 250 elementary schools in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia associated with the program. The enrichment program began in Philadelphia twelve years ago but was moved to Fairfax, Virginia when the Weissbarths sold the branch. The program offers clubs found in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and County, Fairfax County, Montgomery County and more.

On Sept. 5, the Silver Knights Enrichment program visited Mount St. Mary’s University in search for students to act as aids that will assist in the chess meetings or computer coding classes. Student aids are expected to assist the program for a year, during the fall and spring semester. The Silver Knights Enrichment continues to look for student recruitments for either aids or chess coaches. The program specifically looks for college students that will be able to provide skill, time and dedication. The job offers great pay, not too many hours, fun experiences, new skills and the chance to make a positive difference in the world. Mount students will be given the experience to help children enhance their STEM skills. Nicolle Duffy, a recruiter of the Silver Knight Enrichment program, stated during an interview, “We love Mount St. Mary’s. We love to stay connected, we did an event there recently. We love talking to all of the students.” According to the program’s Facebook page, the Silver Knights look for chess coaches and computer coding instructors. The main goal of an instructor or aid is to inspire students by providing valuable learning experiences that will develop the child’s STEM skills. STEM instructors will teach elementary school students the programming language Scratch and develop the curriculum, with no prior programming experience required. The Silver Knights Enrichment is strict on signing up for clubs in a timely matter. A late fee will be charged for elementary school students who sign up past the deadline. This program is such a wonderful way to get involved in the surrounding community and will provide students the opportunity to make a difference and positive change.

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