Mystifying Magicians: David and Leeman

David and Leeman’s magical and comedic performance left the audience in awe and in tears on several occasions Saturday Sept. 16. Everyone in the Knott Auditorium was in for a real treat and could be guaranteed a reaction from any of David and Leeman’s tricks, illusions, stunts and skits. Some skits involved a certain element of danger as Dave hit a nail through his head, Leeman swallowed a needle and Dave managed to catch a paintball that was shot at him. Other skits involved the element of surprise and awe as they both managed to pull off tricks ranging from objects disappearing and appearing to people feeling the same sensations. The comedy complemented their performance as it alleviated fear, added suspense and kept people in a good mood. As with most magic shows, audience participation was requested and several members of the audience had an entirely different experience as they were made anxious by each trick involving their help. However, David and Leeman left each participant with a laugh and in some cases, a souvenir.

Perhaps their most impressive trick was their “Quantum Entanglement” trick where they used two model sonic screwdrivers (a tool used in the BBC show “Doctor Who”) to seemingly synchronize matter- and even people. Two volunteers were synchronized to the point that they could both feel a touch on the shoulder when only one volunteer was touched in the shoulder. At one point, both volunteers had their eyes closed and one was given a poke on the nose, yet somehow the other reported feeling the poke on the nose as well and she even pointed to her nose confirming that she felt the poke there. Although there is certainly an explanation for the success of this trick, it nevertheless left people in a state of confusion or turned people into believers.

All in all, the magical comedy skit was impressive and enjoyable. David and Leeman met their expectations which were set high since they had performed in America’s Got Talent. The show was a great opportunity for many students to take their parent to an event for parents’ weekend.  Many parents were in attendance and the Knott Auditorium was nearly packed. The Activity Management Program (AMP) did a great job in planning and hosting the event and are sure to be hosting similar events on weekends throughout the rest of the year.

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