Mount Adds Cybersecurity and Data Science Programs

Mount students are now being given the option to major in Cybersecurity. Students are able to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity by taking the required courses and four elective courses. This major incorporates both math and computer science to allow students to enhance their skills in critical thinking of real-world issues.

Cybersecurity is evolving as a result of cyber crimes involving breaches in data security, such as personal information and data. One of the goals of the Mount is to foster students skills to shape and develop the cyber world into a safer environment.

In addition to the Cybersecurity major, a Data Science minor is now available. This minor is offered to any student, regardless of major. Data science allows students to expand their critical thinking through analyzing the different patterns of information. As a result, mathematics, computer science, statistics and complex problems is incorporated into the minor, which facilitates details found in data.

Minoring in Data Science only requires 18 credit hours, three required courses and three electives. There are jobs everywhere, from industries to government agencies, that need their data analyzed.

Both Cybersecurity and Data Science are part of the Department of Math and Computer Science, which offers various opportunities for students at the Mount. Students who major in Cybersecurity or minor in Data Science develop the ability to think deeper and help solve contemporary problems of the knowledge and information industry.

Technology is expanding and developing every day. This is why the variety of courses and internships offered at the Mount are helpful and insightful to reason logically. Examples of courses offered for students planning to major in Cybersecurity are Networking Administration, Computer Architecture, Network Systems and Design and Computer Security. Courses in data science include Analytic Models, Linear Algebra, Probability and Operations Research.

Internships that relate to cybersecurity and data science are offered at various organizations and agencies throughout the academic year and summer. There are many options of majors and minors to choose from at the Mount for every student. Make sure to explore your options to find what you are passionate about.

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