Forbes Places Mount 146th on 2017 Grateful Grads Index

As of August, the Mount ranked 146th on the Forbes 2017 Grateful Grads Index: Top 200 Best-Loved Colleges,” beating out many well-known schools such as Xavier University, George Washington University, and Villanova University. Speaking to the significance of this accomplishment, Matt Schifrin, the author of the Forbes index stated, “Great colleges produce happy and successful alumni–who give back in droves. In fact, I consider this to be the core competency of excellent colleges.”

The Forbes Grateful Graduate Index measures each school’s median private donations and gifts from alumni over the course of ten years. Thus, it is evident that the Mount alumni have been giving back, and this has helped the school to sustain itself and even achieve new heights. With the financial help of alumni, the Mount continues to improve its facilities, hire top tier professors and administrators, and provide a better education for all, which gives people a lot of reasons to be excited.

The Office of Alumni Engagement is especially enthusiastic about the recognition. Emily Myers, Director of Alumni Engagement, stated, “We’re really excited to be at the number we’re at now. We’re definitely looking at ways to increase our alumni engagement and crack the top 100 of these elite institutions.”

Not only has this accomplishment provided a heightened sense of pride, gratefulness is in high supply as well. Myers added, “We are so grateful for our alumni because they are the reason we make this list, and they lay the foundation for our future success.”

There are high hopes for the Mount’s continued success and future alumni participation as the Mount continues to boast its high employment rate and student satisfaction level. Although a list does not mean everything, the Forbes Grateful Graduates Index certainly speaks to the Mount’s success and to the level of commitment of the Mount alumni.

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