Florence 2018: Still Time to Apply

Have you thought of including a semester abroad into your university experience?  There is still time to join MSMU-Florence 2018.  Application deadline is October 6.  Students who studied in Florence in Summer 2017 and Spring 2016 liked how the classes used the city as “text” and that the Life and Culture class provided so many rich and varied experiences.  There was wine tasting, a Fiorentina game, pizza making, and opera to name a few.  And everyone shared their favorite gelato shop and hangout.

Why should you consider MSMU-Florence 2018?

You will:

  • earn 12-15 MSMU credits, so you will keep pace toward graduation.
  • study, live, and travel with other Mount students and Mount professors.
  • discover the many treasures of Florence, old and new.
  • travel to Venice, Rome, Siena, Pisa and Luca.
  • have long weekends and spring break to schedule other European travel.
  • return to MSMU transformed by the experience.

Dates of the trip are January 21-April 13.  Go to AIFS to apply.  https://secure.aifsabroad.com/Partnership/application/welcome.aspx?cpi=QGNYHA18U9ZN There is a $450 deposit due at the time of application.  Contact Dr. Barbara Martin Palmer (palmer@msmary.edu)  with questions, follow MSMU-Florence 2018 on facebook to learn more about what Florence has to offer and/or attend the final MSMU-Florence 2018 Info Session on Thursday, September 21, 5-6pm.

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