Career Corner: How Hiring Happens

You all have applied to at least one job and are familiar with the process. You fill out an application, go in for an interview and receive a call offering you the job (hopefully!). But have you ever wondered what the hiring process is like for the hiring manager? They have the difficult task of finding one employee who is the perfect fit for their company. Although there are many different hiring processes, the below is one example of a traditional hiring method. Take a look at this example to learn how you can make your job application stand out to the hiring manager.

When there is a job opening, the hiring manager posts a job description on their company’s website detailing the experience and skills a candidate must possess. After they have spread the word, applications and resumes start pouring into their office. The manager sorts the resumes into two piles based on how well they meet the job requirements. It is of crucial importance for a resume to have all job requirements because, if one requirement is missing, the hiring manager will not advance the candidate. After separating the resumes, the hiring manager calls each potential candidate and conducts a phone screening.

When the hiring manager calls an applicant, they inquire about their work experience, education and volunteer activities as listed on their resume. If they are impressed by the phone screening, they invite the candidate in for a face-to-face interview. During this interview, the hiring manager is looking for someone who demonstrates the skills and values they are seeking. After all in-person interviews have been completed, the hiring manager narrows the resume pile down to several candidates and contacts their references to inquire about the applicant’s work ethic and accomplishments. After carefully weighing all interaction with the candidate and all information about them, the hiring manager chooses the best candidate and offers them the job.

This is just one example of the hiring process that gives you a glimpse into the duties of a hiring manager. Some managers may hire people immediately after the initial phone screening, while others may conduct several face-to-face interviews. Regardless of the hiring process, make your resume stand out to the hiring manager by clearly listing all job requirements. Write down all the requirements and, for each one, give an example, add several details and list it on your resume. If you do not meet a job requirement, but possess a similar skill, include this on your resume; it will give you a better chance of moving forward in the application process. Do not copy the job description verbatim on your resume, but ensure that it is recognizable to the employer. Also, use buzzwords and keywords included in the job description on your resume. The hiring manager will be impressed that you tailored your resume to their job description.

Your resume is the first impression you will make on the hiring manager, so make it a good one! The Career Center is here to help you improve your resume. Attend the next upcoming Resume Workshop on Wednesday, October 18th, or visit with a staff member who can help you create or revise your resume. The Career Center will make sure your resume stands out!  

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