An Update on the Search for a New Provost

Just as the trees outside the Science building begin to change, the Mount’s Administrative offices are turning a new leaf as the time comes closer to select a new Provost. Dr. Barbra Palmer of the Education Department has been selected to chair the search committee, which also includes Dr. Kurt Johnson, Fr. Jim Donohue, Dr. Dana Ward, Dr. Patrice Flynn, Dr. Paula Whetsel – Ribeau, and Bill Davies.

Dr. Palmer explained that the search process began with the hiring a search firm, R. H. Perry, which categorized the candidates into three groups that the Mount’s search committee could then filter through after the application had closed. The advertisement and application for the position went live in June and closed in late August. Dr. Palmer emphasized that while the firm categorized the candidates into three categories based on the degree to which criteria were met, the Mount’s search committee will be attending to fit with MSMU’s mission.

Dr. Palmer excitedly announced that there had been over 80 applications that R.H. Perry filtered through, and over 30 in the A and B categories. The goal from here, she explained, is to reduce that number over the next few weeks from 30+ to 6-8, and then eventually to 3 candidates. Once three “finalists” have been selected, the University will host the candidates on campus, and the candidates will have opportunities to meet with faculty, staff, and students. Dr. Palmer assured The Echo that “we are very aware of the importance of this search.” She expressed the desire to find a candidate that will not only fit in with the Mount’s community and fulfill the Catholic vision, but one that will stay with the University and help the community grow and push forward.

Dr. Palmer expressed that this decision will not be easy, but wanted to make a few things clear. She noted that the students are in their thoughts while they consider candidates. She also emphasized that while she and the search committee are ultimately selecting the top three candidates, Dr. Trainor will make the final decision. Dr. Palmer expressed that she would like to keep the students involved and informed, and will be meeting with the Echo periodically during this search process.

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