Women’s Rugby Gets a New Assistant Coach Along with Division 1 Status

In 2016, Farrah Douglas was named the Mount St. Mary’s Head Women’s Varsity Coach. This year, she is very excited to help lead the women’s rugby team into the world of Division I sports. 


Originally from Methuen, Mass., Douglas graduated from Bowdoin College with a double major in English and Africana Studies. She used to run cross country in high school but eventually lost interest in it, leading her to want to go out for the football team. Her mother, not being too keen of the idea, did not let her play and Douglas then moved on to rugby. 


Douglas has competed both at the collegiate level and at the international level. She has experience playing every position on the field, but she loves playing prop most of all. When asked about her favorite moment from a rugby game, Douglas immediately said, “That is easy. The very first time I put on a jersey for the USA and heard the National Anthem play. It was such an emotional rush, and even over 10 years later it is hard to accurately describe the feeling.”


The Bowdoin alumni also brings 12 years of coaching experience to the Mount. She has coached at the high school, collegiate, and international levels, including the women’s national team when they competed in the Women’s Rugby World Cup. She is also currently the head coach of the USA Girls’ High School All-American team.


Though she still plays rugby recreationally, her focus these days is on coaching. She enjoys being able to connect with her players and watching them grow and is especially aware of the impact she has as a coach and the influence she has on her athlete, affecting the way they perceive themselves and their community. 


Douglas’s future plans for the women’s rugby program include eventually becoming a top-5 program in the NCAA, as well as a top choice for recruits looking to continue their rugby careers. She also wants to help each player develop as a student athlete and player, both on and off the field.


For now Douglas wants to focus on each athlete develop with the new system of play. When asked about her coaching style, she said, “The team is still in the process of transitioning and learning as they get used to the rigors of D1 Varsity athletics. But they are learning quickly and it is extremely exciting to watch it happen.”


In a direct address to the Mount community, Douglas said, “I want to grow this team and eventually develop a rugby powerhouse here at the Mount, and it will take time and support from not just the athletic department but the Mount community. So come out and cheer the team on during our home games, and don’t be afraid to give rugby a try!”

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