Welcome, Noreen O’Donnell!

MSMU has already undergone various changes in the beginning of the semester. The introduction of President Timothy Trainor, a 100 person increase in the new student population and the addition of the biology and cybersecurity to the STEM study program as a result of MSMU’S agreement with Frederick Community College have already created a positive impact on the university. With a new Administrative Assistant in the Residence Life staff, there will be even more changes to look forward to in the upcoming year.


After several years of Ms. Cathy Graupner’s contribution to Mount St. Mary’s Residence Life as Administrative Assistant, it is Noreen O’Donnell who will be the one to carry on the job as of Aug. 17. Graupner officially retired from her long, dedicated time at the Mount and while her fellow staff members were reluctant at first to say their goodbyes, O’Donnell expressed great enthusiasm for carrying on the work of Residence Life.


In 2004, Noreen O’Donnell, her husband, Tim O’Donnell and their three children, Caroline, Jude and Tara O’Donnell became official residents of Emmitsburg. With her impressive work history and positivity for the Mount, O’Donnell is enthusiastic about contributing to the university.


O’Donnell was born in The Bronx of New York City and grew up in Matawan, New Jersey. Her academic history includes four years at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. where she studied for her bachelor’s in Politics. She has experience as an assistant in various law firms in New York and Washington, D.C., was an assistant for a local senator, worked in the World Trade Center in the late 1980’s and was a Legal Assistant Vendor during the shift from Paper to Electronic Business Operations from 1995 to 2001.


In an interview regarding her plans for her first year involved at Mount St. Mary’s University, O’Donnell had stated, “I really want to get to know the processes, and provide support to the directors and the Residential Assistants. I want to learn more about the community”. “Noreen has been a wonderful addition to Residence Life so far. She has such positivity and enthusiasm for this, and she is wonderful when she is working with the students. There’s definitely an improvement in our department thanks to her contribution,” as stated by Assistant Director of Residence Life, Jaime Wright.


O’Donnell is not the only staff member of Residence Life who is optimistic for this new change. Several others have expressed the most positive of thoughts on O’Donnell’s work at Mount St. Mary’s University.“She’s wonderful and she’s helping to create a very welcoming environment for the office,” says Ken McVearry, the Dean of Students


Though the Mount had to give a bittersweet goodbye to Cathy Graupner, it has become quite clear that Noreen O’Donnell has the intention of carrying on the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to improve the school life as much as she possibly can. Students are encouraged to come to Residence Life in the second floor of McGowan center to receive assistance from O’Donnell in the transition to college life. However, if students wish to simply stop by to introduce themselves to her, she would be quite grateful for the warm welcome to Mount St. Mary’s University.

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