Opening Convocation: A Fresh Start for the Mount

It’s back to school time. On Aug. 18, Mount St. Mary’s University once again welcomed a new set of eager, optimistic students to orientation, thus beginning their journey as future graduates of 2021. This particular orientation was quite different than recent ones, as this was a shining glimmer of hope unlike any other. With a rise in enrollment, opportunities for new degrees and a new president with a fantastic sense of optimism, Mount St. Mary’s University has started the year on quite a high note.


Once students were properly settled into the academic environment with schedules and dormitories, the Mount’s annual convocation ceremony allowed a proper welcoming of the new students on campus. The event brought to light what a fresh start this truly was, as the enrollment had increased by a grand total of 100 students. With 563 first year and transferring students altogether, the Mount has certainly caught the attention and enthusiasm of several bright, young minds, all prepared to truly use their full potential at this university.


With a new year, new students and new president, this year’s convocation was definitely a special one. During the opening convocation on Aug. 25, President Timothy Trainor not only gave a warm welcome to the new students, but also presented his desire to help our university grow to its full ability with the start of his first year as full-time president. Trainor has a history of strong devotion, as a scholar, an Army officer, a Catholic and a family man. Now, as the official 26th president of Mount St. Mary’s University, Trainor demonstrates the proper sense of leadership, communication and faith to lead us into a bright future.


Both the students and staff face this new semester with a glowing sense of optimism and opportunity has already shined down on the university. In order to make the process of transfer far easier for students, the Mount has developed a partnership with Frederick Community College, which will ease the process of transferring for students in STEM-related fields of study. The agreement has proven to be even more beneficial for students, as it provides the opportunity for Mount students to complete a bachelor’s degree in biology or cybersecurity. With the growth in the number of students, this addition to the Mount’s already impressive selection of majors and minors will prove to be quite helpful for those looking to dive into such a high-demand, critical set of career opportunities.


Orientation and Convocation are significant moments in the process of a new year for Mount St. Mary’s University, but this year, the Mount community has become stronger than it has been in recent years. There are plenty of students with a devoted leader and a chance to begin a new career path unlike any other offered here. Though it is only the beginning, it is a beginning to a truly remarkable year.


“We together are moving forward, and I know you are ready for that,” said President Trainor during the orientation ceremony.

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