National Society of Leadership and Success Enters Second Year

The National Society of Leadership and Success vows to “build leaders who make a better world,” according to their credo and this is just what Mount St Mary’s University plans to do with their second year with a chapter for the society.

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), also Sigma Alpha Pi, describes itself as “the nation’s largest leadership honor society, where top students, selected by their colleges based on either academic standing or leadership potential, come together to identify and achieve their goals.”

Mount’s chapter was spearheaded by senior, Olivia White, who first found the program while looking for internships, early last year. “When I first found the program, I had to go through intense training,” White says when describing the process to get a chapter started on campus. She went on to explain how she immediately began reaching out to faculty members as potential advisors and finally met with Professor Sauers, who let White present her powerpoint on NSLS to her. Eventually her presentation with Sauers became one with the provost, then Dr. Whetsal-Ribuea and finally President Trainor. “Once everyone was on board, I was able to work closely with the national office on coming up with the requirements to become a member, design our personal invites, and most importantly, to learn how to lead a large group,” explains White.

Last year, the inaugural year of the chapter on the Mount’s campus, over 300 students arrived at the society’s first orientation on campus to see what it took to become a member. However, not all students who arrive at orientation are sure to become inducted. Once invited to the society, a student must undergo eight steps in order to become inducted. These steps include attending orientation, a Leadership Training Day hosted by your chapter, three Speaker Broadcasts and have three Success Networking Team submissions approved. As a result of this requirement, only 171 students were officially inducted into the society last year. Students who complete these steps will not only have an invitation to induction, but will also be invited to continue working towards achieving the National Engaged Leader Award, given out by the honor society.

On Thursday, August 31, the Mount chapter held its first orientation of the year for invited students. Half of the newly invited class attended this session where they were shown how to work the website, were informed of the next seven steps, given the opportunity to join committees within the society, as well as shown two informational videos from the national office.

“A major takeaway from last year was that everyone has the ability to be a leader,” says President White, “and understanding everyone’s differences will make leading with others easier.” White looks forward to the year ahead as the chapter plans to double in size. She plans for the society to become more involved in both the Mount and the local community.

The second orientation for NSLS will be today, Wednesday, September 6 in the Knott Auditorium at 7:00 PM for those who were invited.

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