Majors, Minors and Concentrations: Creating New Opportunities for Mount Students

The Mount has added several new majors, certificates and concentrations to different areas of study. Provost Jennie Hunter-Cevera explains, “The faculty have responded beautifully and really put their heart and soul into developing these new curriculums.”

The new majors include a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Cybersecurity, a B.S. in Entrepreneurship and a B.S. in Forensic Accounting. The Forensic Accounting, Cybersecurity and Philosophy, Politics, & Economics majors will be implemented this fall.

The B.S. in Entrepreneurship is due to premier in January. “We’re the first school in the state of Maryland to have a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship,” explained Dr. Hunter-Cevera.

With regards to the B.S. in Cybersecurity, Hunter-Cevera told the Echo that “given everything going on in Cybersecurity and our capabilities in computer science, we thought it’s time that the Mount really gets into this.”

The new area of concentration for the B.A. in Foreign Language is Italian, which has already gone into effect.

New Post-Baccalaureate Certificates (P.B.C.) include a P.B.C. for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation and a P.B.C. for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Science. Both of these certificates are now available to take at the Frederick Campus.

Hunter-Cevera explained how they chose the P.B.C. for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Sciences, saying that “in the case of the Regulatory Science, we did a marketing survey to show the needs and gaps in the Life Sciences. This came up as number one.”

Not only are these new areas of study but, “We put in a little different twist, because no matter what course we teach, there’s an ethics component. I think that makes you do more critical thinking about what you are learning and how you apply it,” says Hunter-Cevera.

“Education is like knowledge; no one can ever take that from you. What I think we are very big on in the Provost office is taking that knowledge and inducing it into practice to benefit society in the service of God. That’s what you see in all of these courses,” Hunter-Cevera explains.

There are expected to be 28 new classes added to the curriculum offered to the student body. Some of the classes that are going to be available are Race and Racism: Philosophical Perspectives, Latino Catholicism, Introduction to Digital Humanities and many more.

There are some internship opportunities connected to these new majors, certificates and concentrations. “The more we can give you real-world, hands-on experience, the better you’re prepared when you leave here” Hunter-Cevera explains.

There are many other opportunities to look forward to coming to the Mount. Hunter-Cevera describes, “The next big challenge for language is doing something in French-Arabic. We’re going to post a job for a faculty in Theology for Middle East and Asian Theology.”


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