Greetings from The Mountain Echo: A Letter from the Editor

Dear Mount Community,


I am honored to be writing to you as this year’s Managing Editor for The Mountain Echo. I started writing articles for the Echo during the second semester of my first year, and now it’s my senior year, and I’m proud to have acquired the knowledge and experience to help lead an organization that I care so deeply about.

I believe that The Mountain Echo is an invaluable resource for the Mount community. It is a primary source of information about events and happenings on campus that people, both inside and outside of the community, can read to get a glimpse of what life is like here at this special place.

The Echo is also a great opportunity for students who are interested in the field of journalism, writing or photography to learn the skills and gain the experience they will eventually need when starting a career. By no means do we claim to be perfect, however, we strive to adhere to the same standards as professional organizations, in order to produce quality informative, and hopefully entertaining, content that accurately reflects our university.

I believe that it is the purpose of a newspaper to serve its readers, and to start conversations. The only way that this purpose can be successfully achieved is through feedback with our readers. The only way the Echo, and Mount St. Mary’s University as a whole, can improve is by voicing praise and criticism, and listening to each other’s perspectives. If there is a particular story that needs to be told, please tell us so that we can initiate that conversation for the community to discuss.

I wish to extend my warmest welcome and prayers to all new and returning members of the Mount community, and I look forward to working with you as we begin this new year together.



Louis Lawrence

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