Mount Soccer Falls to Maryland

In a late-night exhibition match at Waldron Family stadium, the Mountaineers fell to the University of Maryland: College Park by a 3-1 score.

After junior, Marcella Fegler scored the first goal, the Terrapins responded with a penalty kick right down the center to tie it up. They then added two goals in the second half to seal the win.

First year Goal Keeper, Sydni Surowiec made 11 saves against the Big Ten school who finished 3-15-1, last season. Surowiec made two starts last Fall, with her collegiate debut being a loss against Delaware State University. In the 180 minutes she logged, she recorded 5 saves and posted a .833 save percentage.

“[For] me, being a freshman seeing us from where we were in the fall and how much work we put in the Spring, to come out against the Big Ten team, that’s huge,” Surowiec said. Surowiec will take over goal keeping duties from Graduate Maddy Bunnell this Fall. In her lone season at the Mount, Bunnell recorded 91 saves in 16 games, posting a .746 save percentage

“She’s amazing on and off the field. Definitely being sidelined for freshmen year, I watched her and learned from her a lot. So, she taught me a lot and a lot of my confidence comes from how she played,” Surowiec added.

The Mount will retain 20 out of the 22 players from their Fall 2016 roster. In addition, Head Coach Joe Nemzer plans to bring in two transfers students this Fall, to join with the class of 2021 recruits.

“I think our team developed a lot this spring…  [we have] a bunch of hungry young talented freshmen that are going to compete and want to be a part of our culture and what we’re doing, so it’s kind of cool to see how we’re progressing now as a team and what’s coming in this Fall,” said Nemzer.

Though the Mountaineers lost, he told the girls not to worry or focus on the score, but rather the quality of performance that was given. He wanted the girls to see how their hard work in the off season is now slowly paying off and explained, that was one of the reasons he scheduled a match with Maryland.

“For us it’s a learning experience. We learned a lot about ourselves and [showed that] we can hang with a Big Ten team, which [is what] we want to see. That’s why we scheduled the game. To have Mount soccer now hanging with Big Ten schools in this type of capacity is pretty cool,” Nemzer added.

In Jan. of 2017, Mount St. Mary’s announced that the Men’s soccer program will be revived and ready to play, come Fall 2018.

The university discontinued the Men’s soccer program, along with Men’s and Women’s golf following the 2012 season in hopes of reducing the budget by $400k. The 2018 team will be coached by Bryan Cunningham.   

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