Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wacky Sports: Bathtubbing

Flipping through the TV channels on Sunday morning usually brings me to ESPN to watch the same four sports being talked about over and over and over again.  Personally, this lack of diversity in coverage has made ESPN and sports networks alike almost unwatchable.  It is because of the unwatchableness of popular sports networks that I have decided to start a new editorial in The Mountain Echo.  Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wacky Sports.  The first sport to be featured in this editorial… bathtubbing.

Bathtubbing has been around since 1967 and it is a crime that ESPN has never did a feature on the sport or has even shown a highlight.  Bathtubbing is when one straps a motorboat engine to the back of a bathtub, and then goes out to a lake and races.  There is no set rule book for bathtubbing, but most participate by doing laps on a closed circuit.  Now, I know what some people are thinking; that this sport is only for red-neck, hillbillies whose BAC is usually higher than their IQ.  However, this sport can also be an art form.  There is also a synchronized form of bathtubbing.  This is where two bathtubs go out on a lake and try to sail in a synchronized fashion.

Want to get involved in the wonderful world of bathtubbing?  Well, all you have to do is to go out to Home Depot or Lowe’s, buy a cheap bathtub, strap a small (or large) motorboat to the back of it, and then go out to any lake and enjoy.  If anyone wants to go with me to the lake across from The Mount this Sunday to try bathtubbing you can contact my secretary Allison Baker at 1-800-not-real.


Photo courtesy of Bay of Islands Bathtubbing

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