Men’s Tennis

The end is almost near for the Mount St. Mary’s University Men’s Tennis team. The men have had their final matches in the last two week in preparation for the NEC tournament.

The men traveled to Baltimore to face Loyola University on Wednesday, April 5. The men were able to grasp the first point of the match in a nail-biting doubles round. Louis Tonon and Brandon Wortkotter secured the first set while Darren Mast and Mateo DeSomocurcio fell to the greyhounds. The point came down to Peter Landis and Jean Armstrong who came back from a 5-0 deficit to win their match and secure the doubles point. The Mount men were able to gain another five points in their singles play winning every single spot except for the first.

The men went back home on April 8, to welcome Navy to their home courts. The men fell in close sets in doubles play to lose the point, with the exception of the Tonon/Wortkotter pair who won their set 6-3. The men continued to fight in a long round of singles play. DeSomocurcio, at one, and Armstrong, at six, fell in two long sets with tiebreakers while Mast fell in a long and hard-fought three sets. Tonon, Wortkotter, and Landis were all able to prevail in their singles matches to gain three points for the Mount making the final score of the match a close 4-3 in the favor of Navy.

Next, the men traveled to Easton, Pa. to face Lafayette University alongside the women’s team. Due to a later start than anticipated, the men played until the match was decided. Mount was able to sweep in doubles, earning the point rather quickly. Tonon, Wortkotter, and Zachary Burau all took home wins, making the match score 4-1, and ending the match at clinch.

The men welcomed Delaware to their home courts at the start of Easter break. They were able to gain the doubles point with wins from Tonon/Wortkotter and DeSomocurcio/Burau. DeSomocurcio, Mast, and Tonon were all able to win their flights, winning the match 4-2 and ceasing play of the last match on the court.

The men will travel to New Jersey on Thursday, April 20 for the Northeast Conference Tournament. They will face Farleigh Dickinson University on Friday afternoon.

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