Faculty Talent Show

The PSI CHI Honor Society and AMP put on the bi-annual Faculty and Staff Talent Show in Purcell Hall, April 6. The event consisted of eight different faculty performing acts of their own personal talents. Senior Mayokun Ojo, “Mojo,” was the MC for the night and the judges were Dr. Fass, Joe Hallinan, and Vince Rapposelli.

Many different talents were exhibited in the eight acts performed by the faculty. Of the eight, four involved the piano. Dr. Rehm, a member of the philosophy department, played a part in two of the four. He started out the night but playing two solo pieces, and later accompanied Dr. Glover, head of the communication department, while Dr. Glover sang a piece named “Shadrach.”

Dr. Rehm explained that he had not played in front of an audience in 35 years. He said, “I’m always nervous but being nervous is good because it shows you care.” He always takes advantage of the opportunity to give students a chance to learn about classical music.

In addition to Dr. Rehm, Dr. Sojka from the Chemistry department played an original composition as well as Dr. Lewis from the English department who sung and played a trio of short songs about love.

Apart from piano, two more instruments were a part of the show. Dr. Rupp, a history professor here at the Mount, shared her talent on the violin by playing a medley of fiddle tunes. This was her fourth time participating in the show. Mr. Sneads, one of the education professors, showed the audience what a musical saw sounded like with his cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Two acts did not involve music at all. One of these acts was by Dr. Wehner, an English professor. He showed the audience his sense of humor with his stand up comedy act and had the full-packed Purcell Hall rolling on the floor laughing.

Dr. Heinold’s act was titled, “Juggling and Providing Dates.” His act consisted of a member of the audience shouting out a date in history and Dr. Heinold juggling for some seconds and then telling the audience the day of the week that date was. For example, someone in the crowd said, “January 6th, 1412.” Dr. Heinold proceeded to juggle for approximately 20 seconds, and then replied, “Thursday.” He was indeed correct and proceeded to do this for five more dates. The crowd was stunned.

Although the judges did not announce an overall winner, they did provide comments after each act’s performance. Vince Rapposelli, the only student judge had this to say about critiquing his professors, “You know I’ve always judged my professors for every little thing they do, but this time I’m glad I got to do it out loud and in public.”
The PSI CHI Honor Society is the international honor society in psychology. The society donated proceeds of the event to Hoffman Homes, a psychiatric residential treatment program for children in Pennsylvania. PSI CHI was also selling buttons during intermission to benefit the club.

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