Center for Student Diversity Hosts Mosaic Expo

The Center for Student Diversity (CSD) will host Mosaic Expo, a cultural fair, on April 26 at 6 p.m. in Cardinal Keeler Dining Room. This is the CSD’s big event during SPARC Festival.

Mosaic Expo is an opportunity for the Mount community to highlight its various cultures through food, music and dance. Mount students, staff and faculty can sign up to participate in the Expo and showcase their culture by emailing Kimberly Springer, Assistant Director of the CSD.

Students may remember this event by its former name, the International Fair.  Mosaic Expo has the exact same concept; it’s a celebration of the wide variety of cultures found here on the Mount campus by showcasing their distinct elements. This year Springer changed the name to be more inclusive of every culture, not just the international ones.

Springer notes that the CSD decided to host the Expo because there are several benefits that come out of an event like this. Through the Mosaic Expo, the CSD hopes to “expose the wider campus community to different cultures and the richness of cultures that are here at the Mount,” Springer says.

At the Mosaic Expo, students can expect to experience the featured cultures in a variety of different ways. They’ll be sample traditional foods from these cultures, listen to music and see several performances. In addition to this, students will also have the opportunity to talk more with the various multicultural groups that exist on campus.

Springer plans to have a stage set up to showcase the dances and other performances that will take place during the Mosaic Expo.  She also expects to order food from different cultural restaurants in the area.

Any student, staff or faculty member that has questions or is interested in participating in the Mosaic Expo is encouraged to contact Springer via email ( This event seeks to showcase all of the cultures found here at the Mount, so anyone is encouraged to take part.  

The goal of the Mosaic Expo is not only to celebrate difference through the variety of cultures here at the Mount, but also to acknowledge the common ground that is shared amongst these many groups and to build community.

“Plus, who doesn’t like food?” Springer added.

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