Seeing the Capitol City by Water with CRUX

This past weekend, ten students packed into a mount van and headed down to D.C. to have a day full of adventure on the Potomac River. Myself, along with nine other students and three fantastic CRUX student leaders, spent an entire day in perfect, warmer than usual weather paddling down the Potomac.

As we started the day, we unpacked and learned some paddling basics like how to not tip over, the different parts of the canoe, and how to paddle effectively and not in circles. After a little bit of a tutorial, we headed into the water. We spent some time paddling around a little bay near the dock to get ahold of the paddling and steering. Once our leaders felt confident in us, and we all felt comfortable we headed down the Potomac.

As we spent the morning paddling, we were provided some incredible sights of some of the main attractions in D.C. We paddled past the Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln monuments and were lucky enough to see the world famous cherry blossoms still in bloom. It was such a great new and unique way to experience the sights and monuments! “This trip was a great way to capstone my senior year. The group we went with was such a bonding experience and made my first Crux trip truly unforgettable,” said senior Connelly Magin.

About halfway through the day we made it to our destination for lunch on Roosevelt Island. The island is dedicated to former President Teddy Roosevelt for his efforts of creating the National Park Service. We had the chance to walk around the island and see the memorial in the center of the island. The monument shows many of the accomplishments of Roosevelt and many famous remarks made about his different efforts. After some exploring and a photo-op we enjoyed some delicious lunch provided by our leaders. After lunch we took some time to get to know each other better.

We got energized and ready to head back up the river to head home and wrap up the day. The weather was perfect, the group was great, and the scenery was pristine. Not many people have the opportunity to see a city like DC on a boat, but in my opinion it was the best way. Kendra Jordan, a Crux leader on the trip adds, “Not only were we lucky enough to have amazing weather, but we ended up having an amazing group as well!”

Crux will be doing many more phenomenal trips this semester, and to all my fellow seniors, it’s not too late to take advantage of these awesome opportunities! I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, it might become one of your favorite experiences at the Mount, I know it was for me.

Head down to the Outdoor Adventures office in Lower McGowan to sign up for one of their amazing trips. Jordan added, “Join us the weekend after Easter Break (4/22-4/23) for an overnight stand up paddle boarding trip to Assateague Island!”

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