Criminal Justice Seniors Inducted to Order of St. Michael

On Saturday, seniors, graduating with a major or minor in Criminal Justice,  were inducted into the Mount’s Order of St. Michael at a Blue Mass to honor all law enforcement officers for their dedication to duty.

Chaplain and Order Member, Father Brian Nolan was the celebrant and praised the seniors who are dedicating their lives to the service of public safety and the seeking of justice for all in our society.  As a member of the Order one receives a scapular with the religious image of St. Michael on the front and prayer on the back.  All who receive the scapular can wear their pendant with pride and know that an Angel of God is watching over them. The students who were inducted are; Matthew Arthur,  Jonathan Beitzell,Morgan Credito, Megan Devlin, Gabrielle Favaro, Daniel Grimes, Lauren Gunnison, Charles Jenkins, Kristen Jensen, Mawa Kaba, Anna McGrath, Christopher McKenna, Justin Noel, Tori Owens, Alexis Reeder, Cynthia Rivas, Jessica Rivera, Michael Rooney, Rebecca Schisler, Christopher Stonesifer, Steven Temple, Russell Wiseman, Dasper Young and Natalia Hinton.

A reception was held after the Mass for 80 family members and guests of the CJSA.  At the reception, President Trainor spoke briefly of the importance faith and the responsibilities that come with careers in criminal justice. Illustrating how the impact of faith in God to protect those who serve, Dr. Trainor displayed ‘dog tags’ from his military service (that he still wears to this day) that are embossed with a portrait of St. Michael, the patron of the United States Army Airborne.    

The CJSA would like to thank Maureen Plant. Director of Parent & Family Engagement, Advancement Services and Joseph Lebherz, Director, Land Development and Government Relations for their assistance in making this year’s event possible and a success.

Best of luck to these seniors who will be living the CJSA Motto: “Students of Today, Guardians of Tomorrow.”

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