BREAKING NEWS: Provost, 3 Deans Stepping Down

In an interview with the Interim Provost, Dr. Jennie Hunter-Cevera last Friday, the Echo learned that three deans will be stepping down in addition to herself. National searches will be held to fill all four positions.

Among those stepping down are Dr. Jeffrey Simmons, Dean of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics; Dr. Barbara Martin Palmer, Dean of the School of Education and Human Services and Dr. Karl Einolf, the Dean of the Richard J. Bolte School of Business.

Simmons will be stepping down due to his term ending. He told the Echo that he will be re-joining the faculty in the science department. He does not have any comment on the upcoming dean search.

Palmer will also be stepping down as dean after her eight years of service, and will be promoted to the status of University Professor. After this shift in power, she will focus on teaching at the Mount’s Frederick campus.

I look forward to having more time to devote to teaching,” Palmer stated. “Nothing can compare to the energy I derive from my interactions with students.”

She is slated to teach Advanced Processes and Acquisition of Reading in the M.Ed. program and Foundations of Educational Research to undergraduates in the fall. Additionally, she will serve as University Supervisor to teacher candidates in their internships. And she has a number of scholarly projects she will return to—a book on Professional Development Schools and a few articles. In Spring 2018, she will lead MSMU’s Study Abroad in Florence. “That is something I would not have been able to do as an administrator,” she said.

Einolf will be leaving his position as Dean of the School of Business as he has accepted the position of President at Indiana Tech University, as stated in an email from Interim President Timothy Trainor to the Mount Community on Dec. 5, 2016.

Hunter-Cevera will be stepping down as Interim Provost at the end of December 2017. As of now, the Echo does not have much information on her decision to step down.

Discussions between faculty and administration have been taking place about a possible restructuring of the schools. More details will follow in the later edition.


Photo Courtesy Jonathan Gavin

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