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The Mount’s ninth Relay for Life will take place on March 24 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. March 25 in the Field House. The relay is a fundraising walkathon which raises money for the American Cancer Society in order to make a global impact on cancer.

Relay for Life is planned by an independent student committee, which has been led by seniors Kaitlyn Sweeney and Megan Crandall since 2013. This year, they are collaborating with the Office of Social Justice (OSJ), as Relay for Life transitions to a CORE-organized event for the first time.

Sweeney and Crandall hope to work with OSJ to encourage students to get involved and meet this year’s fundraising and turnout goals. Last year’s event raised $22,000 with only 100 relayers. This year’s aim is $24,000 in donations with 200 participants.

“We’re calling on the Mount community to help us,” Crandall says. “If you think about one Friday night, which is usually $25 at Otts, you realize that you’re already paying the minimum to get into Relay. It’s only $5 a person if you make a team of 5 people, so it’s not as difficult as people think.”

“We realize that it’s hard to ask college students for that,” she continued. “But when we all get together in the end, it’s not as difficult with the support of the entire community.”

After signing up, participants continue to fundraise up until, and during, the relay. The committee hosted a letter-writing party on Feb. 22 to help students request donations.

“The letter writing party allows you to write handwritten letters to family and friends, and get your foot in the door with fundraising,” explains Sweeney. “When participants talk to those back home and reach out to communities for support, it makes a huge difference in meeting our goals.”

Students are also able to attend basketball games, restaurants, and campus events to help raise money for the cause. The American Cancer Society held a raffle at the men and women’s basketball games on Dec. 7 to raise donations. On Feb. 22, the Blue & Gray Bar and Grill in Gettysburg donated 10% of its nightly earnings to the campus relay. All proceeds from this month’s “Pie your RA Day” will also go to the relay.

Students, faculty, and staff should continue to check their emails from OSJ for more updates and ways to get involved before March 24.

To learn more about Relay for Life, visit To donate or make a team for the Mount St. Mary’s event, visit


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