Ask Alice: Getting Ready to Graduate

“Help I’m graduating. When did this happen and what do I do?”

Oh Mount senior… it’s that time of year again. When all anyone on this campus can see and hear is seniors freaking out about graduating and formal and jobs and grad schools… I get stressed for you guys just thinking about it. Like seriously, I am SO glad I don’t have to go through that yet and feel SO bad for ya’ll.


There is hope. Because I am here (as usual).

In case you seniors out there are worried that I do not have the expertise to tell you how to not freak out about graduating (shame on you if you think that), I will let you know that I have talked to some experts on the subject (fellow Mountie graduates) and I have compiled the dos and don’ts to survive your last two months.

  1. Get your housekeeping done like NOW. What I mean by this is go to your advisors and the Registrar’s office and make sure all your ducks are in a row. You don’t want it to be a week before graduating and figure out you needed one more credit to actually be a part of the show. Make sure that you have done exactly what you have needed to do so that you can enjoy your big day (without worrying whether or not your name will be called)!
  2. Cross off all of the things on your college bucket list! You know the list! Go to big slide, hike Indian Lookout, go to High Rock, get the crab dip at Ott’s…things like that! And if you don’t have a list, (underclassmen: make a list) ask around to see what fun and exciting things you could do around the Mount that will make your last few weeks memorable!
  3. Get ready for life after graduation (dun dun dun!). Go to the Career Center and make sure your resume and cover letters are up to par, and if they aren’t, the Career Center and resume building workshops will whip them into shape! If you aren’t sure what you really want to do yet, start looking around for internships that sound interesting to you! The Mount is constantly sending out emails that give information about internships, so take advantage of that! This is also the time to talk to those professors of yours (you know, for the classes you actually go to) and ask for some letters of recommendation so that you are set when you want to start applying for jobs.
  4. HAVE FUN! Go out with your friends and make memories! Make mistakes, get silly, do something out of your comfort zone! Next year you will all be in school or the workplace, so take advantage of the time you have at your mountain home!

IN SUMMARY just listen to the wise words of a recent Mount grad…

Just because you should plan for the future doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the present. In some ways during your post grad years your life is more of a blank canvas than it was in college. Take that job in the west coast, explore that career change in a new field. And don’t be overly discouraged if you don’t find a job right out of college. As a Mountie you’ll apply yourself, be resourceful, and keep moving forward.




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