A Letter From the Editor: Always #MountProud

To the Mount Community,


This year we have been lucky enough to witness history, thanks to our men’s basketball team.  As a student, it was truly remarkable to see these men, these people I have class with, break records and expectations and put our little school on the athletic map. It was incredible to have major sports stars, like Dick Vitale, tweeting about our players, or Darren Rovell tweeting about our beloved Emmitt S. Burg. Even professional sports teams, such as the San Francisco 49ers, were talking about us.  

I had the absolute privilege to attend the game against Villanova in Buffalo last week and I simply do not have enough words to describe how amazing of an experience it was. Granted, it was an eight hour long bus ride both ways, we spent the majority of the day cramped and sleep deprived, but I wouldn’t change anything about it for the world. As junior Angel Jackson puts it, “It was an amazing experience. It was electric, with some amazing people from here to enjoy it with.”

As I’m sure the nation saw, the team put on an amazing show and fought like dogs until the end, but I think one of the biggest highlights, for me at least, was the Mount’s makeshift student, and alumni, section. I felt like having this fraction of the Mount community screaming in support of our team was uplifting, and I’m not the only one. Junior forward, Chris Wray says, “The fans were inspiring, seeing them made me comfortable, especially in Buffalo.”

As a student here on campus, I have always seen and heard the phrase “Mount Proud,” and while I have always loved this school and I’ve always been proud of this school and it’s long standing traditions, I never felt an insanely strong sense of pride. However, from the moment all of us stepped foot on the bus, the pride in the air was almost palpable. Senior Vince Rapposelli commented, “I felt it when we arrived in Buffalo and at the social before the game as these generations of Mount students cheered for a single goal.”

From the moment we got to our seats, the Mount Pride was obvious, in fact it was so evident that people who weren’t there were infected by it. We were so loud and so proud that everyone had to take note and join in on the fun. At one point in the game, two women from Buffalo came up to me and asked what we were cheering. She then commented on how we were the life of the party, and how we were without a doubt the loudest fans at in the arena.  She wasn’t the only one who felt that way either, even in the midst of playing, Wray said he could “hear our fans over Nova’s the whole time.”

It was at that point that I really and truly felt Mount Proud. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the Mount community in general, especially the men’s basketball team, for giving me something to feel really proud of.  

That is why I am #MountProud.


Your sports editor,

Jillian Doyle

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