Dusty Roads and Dusty Souls: An Art Exhibit

Mount senior Kate Quinn is showcasing her artwork in the Thomas H. Mary K. Williams Art Gallery on March 1 through March 17. The exhibition is titled Dusty Roads and Dusty Souls: A Pilgrimage.

Quinn’s artwork consisted of several ink on canvas paintings, including works titled “Finisterre,” “Sweet Desire,” “Interior Castle,” “Dusty Souls and Flor Caramel” and “A Road Like Incense.” Quinn was inspired to paint these works after participating in a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain last summer.

Quinn stated that the main theme of the artwork was to combine abstract and tangible images. It shows that we understand God to an extent, but we cannot fully see and understand God.

“We don’t know what God looks like,” Quinn stated. Quinn believes that prayer and faith cannot be fully represented by physical images, but rather through metaphorical ones.

The tangible parts of each painting represent stones and wheat, while the abstract parts represent smoke and wind. The purpose of each painting is to represent both the physical journey one takes on pilgrimage, and the spiritual journey. Quinn stated that her artwork reflects the internal pilgrimage more so than the external one.

Quinn is a senior art major from New Jersey. Initially, she also had a minor in psychology, but dropped it believing it was not practical to have with an art major. She was inspired to have an exhibition when she assisted in helping set up the art exhibition last year. Quinn’s own faith is also a big part of her life, and was another inspiration to go on a pilgrimage.

Quinn first learned about the Camino de Santiago in her Origins of the West class. She wanted to go on the pilgrimage to step away from her regular life in order to fully experience the spirituality of the pilgrimage. “I wanted to be uncomfortable,” Quinn stated.

The Camino de Santiago is a 500 mile pilgrimage route in northern Spain. It ends in the city of Santiago de Compostela, where many believe that St. James is buried. It is a common pilgrimage route taken by thousands of Christians every year.

Quinn’s work will be showcased in Delaplaine’s Williams Gallery through the end of the week.


Photo courtesy of Alex Krall.

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